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  Free Dog Books (.pdf)

The Complete Dog Book 1921
Book of the Dog 1891
Dogs: Origin & Varieties 1847
Natural History of Dogs 1865
Everything About Dogs 1902
The Dog 1857
The Twentieth Century Dog 1904
Book of Dogs Nat'l Geographic 1919
Dog Care 1903
My Dog & I 1897
Bios & Anecdotes of Dogs 1829
Anecdotes of Dogs 1858
Praise of the Dog 1902
Practical Dog Training 1885
The Show Dog 1901
Of Englishe Dogges 1576
Dogs of Britain & Ireland 1897
British Dogs 1903
The Sporting Dog 1904
Dog & Sportsman 1845
Hunting Dogs 1909
Retrievers & Retrieving 1905
Kennel Diseases 1903

  Free Cat Books (.pdf)

The Book of Cats 1868
Domestic & Fancy Cats 1901
The Cat Manual 1902
The Book of the Cat 1903
The Cat 1905
The Cat 1912
Anatomy of the Cat 1901
Concerning Cats 1900
Good Advice to Cats 1859

  Free Horse Books (.pdf)

The Perfect Horse 1873
The Horse 1877
The Horse 1891
The Horse of America 1897
The Horse 1905
The Horse in America 1905
The Horse Book 1908
Horse in Stable & Field 1892
Horses & Horse Breeding 1895
Illustrated Horse Management 1906
Horse-Shoes & Horse-Shoeing 1869
Practical Horse-Shoeing 1873
Horse-Packing 1914
The Harness Horse 1898
Training the Trotting Horse 1893
Horse Racing: Its History 1863
The Horse: How to Buy & Sell 1882
Modern Horse Doctor 1854
Illustrated Horse Doctor 1880
Gentleman's Stable Directory v1 1796
Gentleman's Stable Directory v2 1793
Black Beauty fiction 1904

  Free Bird Books (.pdf)

Our Feathered Friends 1899
Canaries & Cage Birds 1888
Canary Birds: A Manual 1869
The Canary 1878
The Canary Book 1904

  Free Aquarium Books (.pdf)

The Freshwater Aquarium 1912
The Aquarium 1881
Marine Aquarium Handbook 1856

  Free Reptile Books (.pdf)

The Reptile Book 1907

  Free Pet Books (.pdf)

The Pet Book 1914
Our Home Pets 1894

  Free Veterinary Books (.pdf)

Veterinary Medicine 1906
Veterinary Anatomy 1910
Veterinary Medicines 1911

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Pet-Source is a leading online retailer of prescription and non-prescription pet products. They strive to provide the highest quality products combined with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Pets are an important part of their customer’s families. provides "Pet products from pet people."

Only Natural Pet Store offers thousands of products from all the leading manufacturers of natural pet care products, including vitamins, supplements, medicine, food, treats, chews, bones, flea control products, grooming supplies, litter, cleaning supplies, and much more. They offer many hard to find products like organic food and treats, herbal remedies, homeopathy, raw food, flower essences, and natural flea control products.

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Founded in 1973, That Pet Place-That Fish Place "the original aquatic and pet supply superstore," stocks over 15,000 different items. At their 110,000 square foot retail store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they have over 800 aquariums and six marine biologists on the staff. They can ship to PO boxes.
30-day return policy (see website for details): "...You must have a "Return Authorization Number" from a Customer Service Representative (1-800-733-3829) before sending any merchandise back to us. All returns must also be accompanied by a copy of your invoice as proof of purchase. We are not responsible for return postage costs. Unless other merchandise of equal or greater value is ordered when we receive the merchandise, a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund check or credit..."

PETCO is a leading retailer of premium pet food, supplies and services, with a commitment to quality animal care and education. Their site includes pet specific stores and a free shipping store.

1-800-PetMeds is America's largest pet pharmacy. They deliver prescription and non-prescription pet medications along with health and nutritional supplements for dogs, cats and horses at substantial savings direct to the consumer. As of this writing, 1-800-PetMeds provides free shipping on web orders over $39. is the website of a family owned business that has been selling dog supplies since 1969. They carry dog treats, dog toys, dog clothes, dog grooming supplies, dog health supplies, dog beds, dog crates and travel carriers, dog doors and gates, and more. From their 10 acre site in Hazleton, PA, they sell over 10,000 items, the best wholesale and discount dog and pet supplies available anywhere in the US, for professionals and enthusiasts alike. provides same day shipping on most weekday orders received by 2:00pm ET, via UPS.

Animal Den doesn't sell pet supplies. Instead they sell clothing and other gifts for pet and animal lovers, with animal themes.


Pets Warehouse


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